What I Identify With

Sometimes I like to believe that I’m actually a cat.

Hey everyone! Today I’m feeling very tired and meh-ish. Especially because I’ve now had to type everything twice. (My finger hit a wrong button) Normally, I sleep until my mom comes to wake me up at around 10 am. But more recently I’ve been waking up every morning at 6:30 so I can make it to an urban farm camp (which is across town) on time. I have a lot of fun everyday. We get to milk goats, eat mullberries, make popsicles, pick oranges, collect eggs, make friendship type bracelets and so much more. The camp is getting 2 baby pigs on Wednesday, so we are going to build a pig pen tomorrow and, on a completely unrelated note, we are also going to sew tote bags. I know that this is random, but I’m kind of thinking that I might want to subscribe to like a beauty box or something. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I could really use a spa day soon. At farm camp, I met this really really nice girl named Melia. (Pronounced: Meh-Lea) I made her a bracelet and she is going to make me one. I am struggling to keep my eyes open and I still have reading to do. See you guys later!

From,                                                                                                                                                                                     Evelyn

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